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​六舞宴 ROKUBUEN - "Japanese style" is the leading role, a new Japanese fashion brand attracting attention !
Press review article summary.

ROKUBUEN's 23SS collection was announced on August 30, 2022.
The first official participation in Tokyo fashion week attracted attention.

Japanese style and respect for craftsmen

ROKUBUEN values Japanese taste, and proposes simple designs, clothes that highlight the individuality of the wearer, and clothes that can be used for a long time.

Ingenuity to cover the physique and show the style well, It is also characterized by respecting craftsmanship, using high-quality Japanese fabrics and manual work, and the number of products and production is small.

The designer team consists of Yuko Mukai, the last disciple of Kansai Yamamoto , and Yushi Takeuchi, a young fashion student.
The direction chief is OZI.

The 23SS collection, which will be participating in Fashion Week for the first time, will develop a world-class “Japan-made” wardrobe that makes full use of various fabrics, centered on the “Japanese” elements that Rokubuen specializes in.

Since it is still a new brand, the degree of attention was low, but after this announcement, it started to attract attention.

Evolve existing products

This season's key item is the existing denim item. By manually arranging it in a Japanese style, the existing product is revived and evolved.

Customization by Yuko Mukai's hand.

With red stitching as an accent, Japanese patterns are set everywhere on the collar, sleeves, and pockets.

I was also surprised by the production, which was linked from two years ago, with the same model and the same costume, and the message of growth.

The beautiful silhouette which does not choose the physique

The silhouette is based on a relaxed style that can be worn regardless of body type, and a good example of this is denim pants with a horse HAKAMA motif that represents the brand. This season, we use durable and
high-quality Japanese fabrics, and we are particular about not only the design but also the comfort. Pair with a drop shoulder lace shirt for an elegant and relaxed look.

A popular item that represents the brand.

Color tone and Japanese style of Rokubuen

It is often based on black and dark blue, and is accented by occasionally mixing red and Japanese patterns.

Even in the calm atmosphere, there was a playful Japanese style element.

Freestyle regardless of gender, age, or physique

Various models appear one after another on the runway.
Gender, age and body type boundaries. There is no right answer for size or how to wear it, we want you to enjoy clothes in a free style. It was a production that conveyed Rokubuen's commitment.

As a young brand participating in this season, it has become a notable fashion brand that is expected to grow in the future.

Test sale in London only?

Details such as the reason have not yet been revealed, but Rokubuen plans to sell limited test products in London. A limited number of kanji-designed casual wear will be sold online on a trial basis.

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