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designer 竹内勇梓 / YUSHI TAKEUCHI

​The most notable young designer

He was born on May 10, 2000 in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
He entered Bunka Gakuen University, which is considered to be the top fashion school in Japan, at the top of his class. He served as president of the student council for two years, and was in charge of planning and overseeing the 37th fashion show of the Department of Fashion Creation, Faculty of Fashion.





Inspired by BURBERRY and Chitose Abe

He is influenced by Burberry because it is a fashion brand that is full of love for his home country, responding to the changing times while inheriting tradition. He also likes the traditional world view, and his characteristic beautiful silhouette has a great influence on the expression of beauty in fashion.

His favorite designer is Mrs. Chisato Abe of the fashion brand SACAI, and although it is an unprecedented combination of different materials, he feels the charm of color and balance. There is an influence that he feels that the idea of ​​design that breaks away from fixed concepts is also attractive.

BURBERRY 阿部千登勢 に感銘


彼が好きなデザイナーは SACAI の阿部千登勢氏であり、かつてなかった異素材の組合せでありつつも、色合いとバランス感、固定概念から脱却したデザインの発想も魅力的だと感じており、影響を受けた人物の一人。

​Clothes that have a beautiful impact on the mind

He is also conscious of the development of the fashion industry and cares about the succession that should be, aiming to create clothes that everyone can feel beautiful and love for a long time.
With the beauty of fashion, he takes great care in silhouettes and materials, taking into account the influence on people's inner lives.




his childhood and lessons

His grandmother worked as a fashion designer and model, so he had a strong interest in the fashion industry from an early age.
His precept is that "superb effort is necessary for success", and the knowledge cultivated through his efforts is the basis for the rational use of materials and the creation of beautiful silhouettes.




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