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director 安達大介 / OJI

Being aware of visual appeal as a fashion model

He is a former fashion model who has experienced fashion modeling in Japan and overseas, and this experience has become a major foundation. The point of view he emphasizes is "visual elements that make people feel attractive".

In ROKUBUEN's design team, she is responsible for balancing the unique worldview of fashion and realistic clothes that are rational for everyday life.

OZI is a nickname for an individual, and Directed by OZI is used as a team name for the production team.




OZIは個人(安達大介)としてのニックネーム、Directed by OZI は制作チームでの活動時として使い分けされている。

He likes Japanese style, generous size

​From his experience abroad, he fell in love with Japanese traditions and manga. He wants to realize the modern clothing of kimono, ninja and samurai.

He likes dance as an expression that transcends language barriers, and he got the idea of loose sizing from his own experience of worrying about clothing sizes. He also said that this was convenient in terms of covering his physique.




Perspectives that are loved for a long time

The 2000s was exactly the age of youth for him, and he is of the generation that felt the high fashion and luxury brands of this time.

It can be said that he is masculine, but he has been using the items he purchased around that time for many years, and he is attracted to high-quality materials and would like to propose clothes that can be used for a long time.




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