This site for Planning explanation yet!! it is fashion brand of new style from JAPAN. the simple design which an adult likes, the comfortable functional size which a dancer likes, the image give off refined sex appeal a Ninja likes. we are getting ready for Mar 2020.  > Home

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六舞宴 Rokubuen 000006 / This trouser is a modern clothes that has the image of a Japanese kimono of Samurai. It is similar to Japanese Nikkapokka pants, with thick lines and squeezed at the ankles. Denim material, sewing thread is red, and it is standard five pocket style. It is a type that squeezes with a belt at the high waist position.


足が長く見える工夫、ゆったりしたライン、ウエストと足首の部分に特徴があり。ハイウエストで大きくしてありますので、ベルトで絞る形からピッタリまでOK。 足首で絞ってあり8分~ワンクッションまでOK。

Denim Pants of Samurai Kimono / 馬袴風デニムパンツ

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